Amir Akhrif's Campaign Diary

Fighting for an antiques arcade policy for Portobello Road

Posted on: April 7, 2010

New Colville team - Beinazir Lasharie, Cllr Dez O'Neill and Amir Akhrif

While the Liberal Democrats are running around collecting signatures (and your private details) in the form of a petition to save Portobello, your local Labour team is actually doing some concrete policy work to secure the antiques market once and for all…

That’s why both myself, Portobello councillor Dez O’Neill and Beinazir Lasharie have asked the Council to include a pioneering ‘Antiques Arcades Policy’ in its planning guidelines. This will help to protect Portobello’s antiques arcades.

The leadership of the Council would like to see Portobello become a seven day shopping destination. However, many local residents realise this would destroy Portobello’s unique market character. We want to protect the Market’s mix.

Your local Labour team will continue to press the Council for real policy change, not just talk. We’re on your side!

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